HONE was established in 2009 as Penttinen Schöne, and has since grown a wide variety of work ranging from temporary community structures to high-end residential. In 2016 we changed to HONE to reflect the diversity of our growing team and our expanding body of work.

We carry out our work with a clear, straightforward approach. We don’t believe in imposing our designs, instead we collaborate with our clients to find a truly bespoke solution which is perfectly suited to their requirements. From the outset we seek to demystify the process of design and construction and ensure that our clients feel comfortable through all stages of their project. We offer a range of services, including architecture, interior design and furniture design, and can tailor our services to suit large or small budgets. Our services cover the entire spectrum of design, from concept through to construction and occupation. We work with both large and small teams of consultants and contractors, and can help our clients to establish the ideal team to suit their needs.

If you are interested in what we have to offer please give us a call and we can arrange an obligation free meeting to discuss our services in greater detail and how we could help with your project.

We follow a clear process through each project which we agree with our clients at the outset. Each project has a senior member of staff dealing with the client throughout the job. Each client is unique and we offer a bespoke, tailored service which fits the particular constraints and budget of each project. However, underlying our work are three constant governing principles:

1 : Communication

From the outset we aim to communicate openly and clearly to ensure that our clients not only understand the process, but feel able to contribute and shape it. We aim for total transparency about the work we carry out and our fees, so that our clients feel secure about the process. For our design work we employ a variety of visual techniques to ensure that our clients can fully understand and comment on our proposals. All our projects have a senior member of staff dealing with the client throughout the process.

2 : Holistic Design

We don’t see design as a ‘style’ or a ‘look’, instead we take a holistic approach to the way we work. We take into consideration the site and context; history and contemporary design; daylight and views; beauty and personality. We also consider how people move through a space as well as the practicalities such as storage and cleaning. We aim to create spaces that work for modern life, as well as offer inspiration and beauty.

3 : Teamwork

We aim to work with contractors, consultants and clients to form a positive environment within which to work. There can be a lot of conflict in the building industry, but we believe that in a well run project, conflict simply should not exist. In our work we foster an environment of mutual respect and good communication, which leads to a project which runs more smoothly and with a more successful outcome.